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Conservatory Cleaning and Repair in Nottingham and Derby

Conservatories are one of the most expensive additions you can make to your property. If well maintained, they can last a lifetime. Apart from broken or cracked windows, the worst that can happen is a slipped panel causing water damage to your home if the wind and rain are in the right direction.

The worst possible way to remedy this is with silicone. Once the silicone is cured, the panel can't be pushed back into place and needs to be removed, cleaned and re-installed.

Split image of conservatory before and after cleaning
Before and after
Split image of conservatory before and after cleaning
Before and after

Gutter repairs, window and door alignment, and leaking roof panels.

Gutter seals and brackets can be a weak point on a lot of conservatories. In order for your union-seals to properly seal, you need the right amount of internal brackets in perfect condition and positioned in exactly the right place. In addition, doors and windows may need periodic minor adjustment and maintenance to ensure correct alignment. Other than that, a regular wash will keep them looking like new for many more years.

Unfortunately, some conservatories are not well built and have constant problems, such as leaking roof panels or gutters, broken internal gutter brackets or doors and windows out of alignment. All these problems can be corrected.

For most people their conservatory, no matter how old, is only a few hours away from an almost like new condition and this is always at a competition-breaking fair price. Check out our reviews and see what a lot of our satisfied customers have to say about our great service.

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